Frequently Asked Divorce Questions

Lancaster Law Office does not contest family matters in courts.  For more than a decade, Brad battled it out in court for family law clients.  In his view, none of his clients won, though many prevailed on the questions before the courts.  All the families suffered, not only by the division of their family into two beleaguered halves, but also by the unnecessarily combative and negative ethos of family law litigation. 

Brad now helps families separate in a respectful, dignified manner by facilitative mediation or collaborative teamwork.  If you must litigate your family law matter, Brad will make a referral for you.

  • What is marriage?
  • What can I do to save my failing marriage?
  • What are my rights and obligations if I divorce in Washington?  (This section contains a rudimentary primer in Washington family law.  This section describes:  why you should avoid litigating your divorce, parenting plans, grandparental visitation rights, child abuse, child support, post-secondary educational support, non-payment of child support, family abandonment, spousal maintenance, community and separate property, child litigation jurisdiction (UCCJA), temporary orders, 90-day waiting period, name changes, finalizing divorces, separation contracts, legal separation, domestic violence, and domestic partnerships.)
  • What happens when my partner and I separate, but we never married?
  • I want to punish my spouse. Will you help me?
  • Can I make my ex-spouse a better parent?
  • How shall I tell my children about my divorce?
  • What is facilitative mediation?
  • What is collaborative divorce?
  • What is unbundled representation?
  • What is shuttle mediation?
  • What is arbitration?
  • What is a QDRO?
  • Can I represent myself (pro se) in my divorce (with no attorney)?

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